Hey Guys,

My name is Danae and I was made in Greece. Born and raised in the beautiful island of Crete, the Southernmost point in Greece. So that makes me an "Islander".

My first exposure to the city life was at the age of 17, when I left my island for studies in Athens. 

The next chapter of my life was Spain, where I did my Master's Degree in Hospitality Management, and then next thing you know - I landed my first job in Miami.

Miami changed who I used to be, made me want explore what's out there and traveling was the only way to find out.


Let me just say , that was just the beginning. 

Whenever, I find time to escape work, life's responsibilities, I travel!  Now my stories are many, so I wanted to share them with you.

Thank you for stopping by:)


 The Islander

Made By: Danai Orfanaki

Contact: danaiorf@hotmail.com

Based: Crete , Greece  

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